• Health

    Understanding Ghosting: What It Means and Why People Do It

    Definition of Ghosting: What Does It Really Mean? Ghosting is a term used to describe the sudden and complete withdrawal of communication from someone without any explanation or warning. It commonly happens in romantic relationships, but it can also occur in friendships, business relationships, or even familial relationships. The act of ghosting can take many forms, from simply ignoring someone’s…

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  • Lifestyle

    Understanding Polyamory: What It Is and How It Works

    Defining Polyamory: The Basics of an Open Relationship Polyamory is the practice of having romantic relationships with multiple partners at the same time, with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved. It involves emotional, sexual, or romantic connections with more than one person, but it is not the same as cheating or infidelity. In polyamorous relationships, all partners are aware…

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