• Technology

    What is Tableau and How Does it Work?

    Understanding Tableau’s Features and Capabilities Tableau is a powerful data visualization and analysis tool that allows users to connect, visualize, and share data in a user-friendly and interactive way. It is designed to help users make sense of complex data sets and gain insights that can inform decision-making. Some of Tableau’s key features and capabilities include: Data Connection: Tableau can…

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  • Health

    Understanding IEP: What Does IEP Stand For?

    Definition of IEP: Individualized Education Program An Individualized Education Program (IEP) is a document that outlines the educational plan for a student with disabilities. It is a legal agreement between the student’s family and the school district that outlines the student’s needs and the services and accommodations that will be provided to support the student’s learning. The IEP is developed…

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